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The video to the right is an Artifically Intelligent created video. This is not a representation of the online training. Our instructors are live or by video.

Mediation Services

ADRMediator Selection Services.

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We have mediated over 50,000 Cases with 95% Success. Offering Male/Female Co-Mediation for Family/Divorce Cases at a Flat Rate paying for one but providing two, which helps level the Mediation Process. We charge a flat day/half day rate helping your client know the fixed cost of the mediation. Newest section of mediation service, keeping confidential Artificial Intelligence disputes. Click Here to Schedule Click here to read our Testimonials.

Our Educational Division

With The Corona Virus what better time than to study at home!

Online Mediation Training - Classroom *MCLE Approved $295.00 *for Texas and Mississippi attorneys other states will have to be checked

College Student Discounts Available upon request A Current Student ID Is Required for Discount

ADR Services International is the leader in Mediation Services including classroom and online mediation training in the USA, and internationally. We have been providing courses approved by the State Bar of Texas, and many other states. We have been offering professional alternative dispute resolution for more than 34 years. Your certificate will be well-respected by most U.S. companies, organizations, and government agencies. From in-person classes throughout the U.S.A to online courses, there are so many ways to become a mediator.

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Turn to for in-class and online mediation training. Our highly experienced trainers will work with you and support you along the way. With our many years of experience and quality of service, you will be proud to call yourself a graduate of our mediation training courses.

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Employer Protection

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Protect your business against employee/applicants litigation for as little as $1,500. You will receive ongoing litigation protection helping you review contracts, collect delinquent accounts and send letters from local lawyers through our association with Legal Shield.

Put an end to disagreements and solve problems more effectively with our alternative dispute resolution services. We offer conflict resolution for businesses and educational facilities, including employment disputes. Learn more about the differences between mediation and arbitration.

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About Us member of the American Bar Association, staff are former members of the Supreme Court of Florida and the Florida Bar Association. Providing mediation services for over 35 years. Additionally a source for nationally accredited mediation training for attorneys and the general public, with classroom courses and home study courses throughout the World. We are the best choice for training mediators efficiently and effectively. We will mediate your case to a successful resolution.

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Ranked by the International Association of Mediators as the number-one source for online classroom training, we are the only certified and accredited mediator training company in the U.S., approved by the U.S. Department of Education and accredited by CIFMAT. Take the next step towards a new career by signing up for our courses today.

In addition, we offer alternative dispute resolution services. Our experience includes mediating more than 50,000 cases and arbitrating more than 50,000 cases. Our goal is to help you push your disagreements aside so you can move on.

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Partial List of Organizations Who Have Taken Our Training and a list of organizations we have mediated cases for:
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Lone Star College
  Homeland Security USPS TDJ   EEOC TDT
Organizations Who Have Taken Our Training


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